Ian G Brennan; Sculptor and Woodcarver to the British Royal Household.

Ian G Brennan has since 1990, been giving fully illustrated talks using slides and more recently power point presentations about the various aspects of his work as the Sculptor and Woodcarver to the British Royal Household.

Sculptor Ian G Brennan first discovered his ability to carve in 1984 after his furniture making business was destroyed in a fire. His highly detailed realistic and heraldic sculptures can now be found in Windsor Castle, St Paul’s Cathedral, Westminster Abbey, Museums and private art collections all over the World.

In 1989 Ian was officially appointed ‘Sculptor to the Most Noble Order of the Garter and Honourable Order of the Bath’ and spends around four months of each year on a wide variety of unique sculptures in wood, marble and bronze for the British Royal Household.

The variety of sculptures Ian G Brennan has received from the Royal Household during the past twenty two years can be well illustrated when in 2008,on St George’s Day he was commissioned to create sculptures of a black Labrador, Mute Swan and the Royal Crest and Sword for HRH Prince William of Wales, Ian was also informed by HM The Queen at Windsor that HRH Prince William was to become the 1000 Knight of the Garter since 1348.

Ian has also been commissioned to produce a wide variety of mostly wood and bronze sculptures which are as diverse as creating a 6 feet high realistic bronze sculpture of an ‘Osprey catching a pike’ for a fountain, to a full size wood sculpture of the ‘Risen Christ’ for a local church; spending a year working of Lord Nelson’s Flagship HMS Victory replacing the 18th century starboard side Entrance Port; to creating the two gilded marble Cunard Logo and Victorian Crest for Cunard’s Queen Victoria’s Grand Lobby.


Ian G Brennan’s fully illustrated talks

are given in a variety of settings; ranging from a small private audience people meeting in a Hall, to an audience of several hundred people in a Theatre; In Burlington House; Home of the Royal Academy of Arts and also within the historic Royal setting of Windsor Castle where Ian has also been invited on a number of occasions to give talks about the various aspects of his work as a sculptor.

Since 1992 Ian has also been invited on many occasions as a Guest speaker onboard the Cunard Liners; Queen Elizabeth 2, Queen Mary 2 and Queen Victoria.

The main aspects of Ian’s talks which are based upon Ian’s remarkable career outlined here; can be covered in either one 45 - 90 minute talk or can be covered in more depth over two/four separate 40 - 45 minute talks.

Also available for one of the talks is a 30 minute TV documentary made about his work producing a sculpture of a Knights Crests for St George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle. This behind the scenes documentary was filmed in both Ian’s Studio and also at Windsor Castle. 

During the presentation it is often possible for a number of unique sometimes historic exhibits to be placed on display.


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Ian’s Talk in the Windsor Castle Dungeon - Cunard Daily programs


One of Ian’s talks he was invited to give at Windsor Castle was held in March 2008. This informal talk was held for a group of distinguished guests including some Friends of St George’s Chapel Windsor and took place within the dungeon of the Castle. As the walls of this 13thcentury dungeon are over twelve feet thick, to allow the flow of air during Ian’s talk, the door at the top of the long steps going down into the dungeon, were left open.

As it was quite a windy day outside at Windsor, if you care to listen to the recording  which was made at the time, in the background whilst Ian was giving his talk, as the wind blew above you can occasionally hear the sound of the iron manacles of the medieval instrument of punishment, that is still kept in the dungeon that once secured the hapless prisoners; clanking together.

One of the sculptures Ian also had on display with him at the time of his talk at in the dungeon was the gilded Royal Crest he was working on for HRH Prince William.


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