The Victorian Crest and Cunard Logo commissioned for the Grand Lobby of the Cunard Liner Queen Victoria




The materials used to produce both the Victorian Crest and the Cunard logo for the new Cunard Liner Queen Victoria was small finely ground white Italian marble bonded together with a two part resin mixture which produced a strong, stable, durable finished material. It is believed the crushed marble itself came from the same mountain range in Italy were Michelangelo obtained his marble for his many magnificent statue's.


The basic sculpture materials Ian used to carve the original master copy of the Victorian Crest was clay and plaster with the original lettering carved from wood




One of the Cunard Crowns and Lions being worked in clay



Once the complete master copy was produced a rubber and plaster mould was produced and a mixture of this pure white Italian marble was carefully mix together with the resin mixture and then applied to the mould. Overnight the mixture was allowed to dry and then many hours were spent finely detailing the sculpture before the surface was carefully smoothed down which removed the resin on the surface to leave the pure white marble.


The sculptures were all finished with a coat of gilt primer prior to the first of three coats of a gold gilt varnish being applied before final polishing.



Due to the slightly curved shape of the interior of the Grand Lobby were the two high relief sculptures were to be placed, both the Victorian Crest and the modern Cunard logo were sculpted slightly concave to accommodate this curve.


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The  Queen Victoria Crest and Cunard logo in position onboard the Queen Victoria