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Short Films

Ian G Brennan; Sculptor and Woodcarver to the British Royal Household.

Two short films featuring Sculptor Ian G Brennan which are designed to be viewed with a Broadband speed of 2Mbs or better;

The first film gives a brief incite into how Ian became a sculptor; (12 minute duration)

The second film shows in various stages how Ian carved a Griffin crest for a Knight of the Garter from the ‘tree’ to the sculpture being placed into position in St George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle. (23 minute duration)

To view the short 12 minute movie explaining how Ian G Brennan became a sculptor please click here

For further information about Ian’s work:


To view a 23 minute film showing in various stages how Ian carved this two feet high Griffin crest for a Knight of the Garter: please click here


The carved Griffin Crest - St Georges’s Chapel Windsor


Carving in stages how a sculpture of a Griffin for a Knight of the 'Most Noble Order of the Garter' is created from the tree, to the completed painted Griffin crest being placed on a Knights helmet in St George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle.


Windsor Castle – The Most Noble Order of the Garter service


For a 360° Virtual Tour of St Georges’ Chapel in Windsor Castle to view many of the 39 carved and gilded Royal Crowns, Coronets and Crests for the Royal Knights, Extra Knights, Knights and Lady Companions of the Most Noble Order of the Garter which have been created by sculptor and woodcarver Ian G Brennan for over two decades; please  click here.